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 like never before

Deliver more than just courses in a flexible and dynamic private client portal, powered by GHL Member PRO. Lifetime deal available for a limited time only.

Finally! An easy way to build client portals with GHL

With our library of widgets, themes and templates, you can transform your members area to a private client portal capable of much more than just hosting courses and training videos. Remove the constraints of the default course builder and gain more control over your membership site's style and functionality.

Give clients one login to centralise EVERYTHING.

MemberPRO helps you cater to their every need...



Host a library of help and support articles inside your members area to provide more granular reference material. This may be for your white label SaaS, coaching clients or for individual client needs.


Product Catalogue

Placing upsell opportunities inside the members area is now possible. This means when people click on a product from the library we take them to an order page, not a list of modules and lessons.


Client Onboarding

Create a systemised approach to guiding clients through each step for onboarding inside your members area. This helps them track progress and gives you a more streamlined communication channel.


News Updates (Blog)

Sharing regular updates and announcements inside your members area is now possible in a familiar blog style layout with a list of recent posts. Articles have a sidebar for CTA widgets.


Self Service Billing

Integrate your membership area with the Stripe customer portal so clients can upgrade or downgrade their subscription for membership or software plans. *Stripe portal integration coming soon.


Private Coaching

Coaches can deliver a private client experience to manage delivery and accountability in one to one or one to many style coaching programs

PLUS! Access new styling and functionality for courses...

Sort courses alphabetically in the library page

Divide courses into groups with category labels

Add new widgets around the default course page layouts

Group multiple course types into a single offer for clients

Show gated offers to easily sell member upgrades

Add extra links to each page in the top nav or footer areas

Enhance your members area like never before with GHL Member Pro


"Wow, it's amazing how you guys utilise the system. We can’t envision these things sometimes on our own"

Ashutosh Anand, High Level Developer


"This was exactly what I needed to make my members area work how I planned it."

Tom Caraccio, Modern Broker Method.

We’re creating new widgets, page templates and 
site themes so you customize ghl membership sites, without hiring a developer

We’re constantly growing the functionality of MemberPRO and you will get all future upgrades for free when you join as part of our launch lifetime deal promotion.

(Ends November 1).


Library Hero Section

When members login, show them a welcome message instead of just a grid of courses


Sidebar Call to Action

Add messages and offers inside the course area to promote links to landing pages, social pages etc


Sitewide Footer

Add links in the footer of your membership site back to the main website, to social profiles, help etc


Sitewide Hello Bar

Want to promote an offer to every member when they login? Hello bars across the top of page do that!


Sidebar Video Ad

Embed an extra video in the sidebar of lesson pages, with text and a button for links


Sidebar Testimonial

For the sales page template we created a testimonial widget. Use it wherever you want to!


Sidebar Image Banner

Keeping things simple, this allows for you to share an image url with an external link to work as a banner


Add Top Nav Links

Add extra links in the top nav section. Normally this only shows "back to library"


Sidebar Trust Badges

Another widget we created to support sales pages for members. Used for money back guarantee etc

We will move to monthly subscriptions soon...

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Free Account

  • Custom JS to sort courses alphabetically in the library

  • Basic CSS to style course pages

  • Training on Advanced Triggers For Memberships